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0. France senegal buys belongings of former
leader senghor after deal with
auctioneer heir.
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1. Eastern drc residents flee as m23 rebels
reach town of bambo.
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2. Ahead of king charles visit kenyans seek
justice for alleged crimes by british
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3. Nigeria opposition reacts to
presidential election petition verdict.
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4. Gode mpoyi, kinshasa gombe rehabilite
nouveau de Gode mpoyi .
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5. Kenya fears losing key regional tea
trading role.
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6. sudan exodus offers assad a diplomatic
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7. mahamat idriss deby calls on lebanon s
georges tehini to bolster his
electricity production.
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8. Congolese government arrives en masse in
china for talks.
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9. Behind the scenes of the reopening of
the kenya somalia border.
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